【The Global Girls’ Game🏒】

The global girls’ game was made in 2015-2016 to grow women’s ice hockey worldwide. 

This year a historic number of 40 countries will participate in the event, and one of the countries is Japan! The event will take place in Kushiro, Hokkaido on Feb 8th @ 2:00pm.  

The organizers of the global girls’ game in Kushiro are Kushiro Board of Education and Kushiro Ice Hockey Federation. Also, one of my best friends and long time Smile Japan defenseman Aina Mizukami is the main organizer of the event. ✨

The event is taking place in Kushiro, but they are welcoming anyone who wants to participate. So if you are interested please check it out! 

詳細はThe Global Girls’ Game in KushiroをFacebookで検索してください! 
For more information search The Global Girls’ Game in Kushiro on Facebook! 
📷: zimbio, Facebook 

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